Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Overview of Dragon Ball

What is Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball was a Manga created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, and it was released in the weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump until 1995. The manga was loosely based around the chinese novel “Journey to the West”. The story starts with the main character, The boy with the Tail, Son Goku, and a lady named Bulma as they go around searching for the seven magic Dragon Balls while meeting new people along the way, and then starts focusing on Goku as he progresses through battle after battle, fights foe after foe, getting stronger after every fight.

Dragon Ball was started as a gag manga, but changed to a more serious, martial arts oriented story as it progressed past the first arc. Goku remains as a kid throughout most of Dragon Ball, but grows up in the final arc. Dragon Ball consisted of 9 arcs, The Pilaf arc, the World Tournament arc, the Red Ribbon Army arc, the General Blue arc, the Commander Red arc, the Fortune Teller Baba arc, the Tenshinhan arc, the King Piccolo arc, and the Piccolo.jr arc. 4 animated adaptations of the first few arcs in movie form, as well as 2 PSA’s about fire and traffic safety.

Welcome to this Dragon Ball centric blog

Welcome/Small Intro

This post is just a rundown on what will be covered on this blog, and a quick overview of Dragon Ball as a whole. This blog will consist of Dragon Ball series/arc reviews and Dragon Ball Super weekly episode reviews. This blog will also cover Dragon Ball movies 1-15, As well as reviews of DBZ abridged (an abridgement by Team Four Star).